Trading Apps Forex investors are generally on top of the global markets, just like they are on top of the technology world. The busy trader needs to keep track of investments at all times. Whether it's on a desktop at work or a phone on a commute, the markets never sleep. And the constant action means investors must remain glued-in throughout the day. There are several great mobile apps currently available. Here is a look at some of the best forex trading apps.

Apple iTrade

Apple has conquered the technology and music world, so why wouldn’t the company jump into forex as well? Just like any quality Apple product, ease and accessibility is the name of the game with this app. Trading and investing can be done in record time thanks to this unique offering. Conducting your forex investing from an Apple product will surely impress fellow traders. The mobile version is quickly becoming a favorite of young forex investors.

Bloomberg Business

Every good forex investor recognizes the Bloomberg brand. Bloomberg has long been one of the most trusted names in business, making this forex app a no-brainer. One of the most comprehensive apps on the market includes a live feed of global and many customizable options. With this offering, it’s clear that Bloomberg wants to be the number one spot for all things business. The only thing that may bug new users is that a subscription is usually required.


Unlike several other forex apps, CoinTrader has a specific niche: cryptocurrencies. Whether you wish to invest or sell bitcoin or lite coin, this is the mobile app for you. Users can monitor value and watch their own wallets grow with this app. This is a terrific app to track prices as well. While many other newer apps have shifted its models to cryptocurrency-friendly, CoinTrader has been a leader for more than four years.