The internet has revolutionized forex trading and brought it to the masses. Investors have the ability to trade, switch platforms, and download information all from the comfort of their own homes. Today, forex investing is both a hobby and occupation. Here is a third look at some of top online forex brokers currently on the market:

FX Solutions (Minimum Deposit: $500)

FX Solutions has become a top-name in forex due its useful charting tools. This broker is extremely user-friendly as it has designed its entire platform to be as customizable for each user as possible. The power goes to the investor on this site – users can leverage their accounts and add or subtract to it at any time. FX Solutions has a smaller staff, which means it can’t take on as many clients, but the clients it already has will get a great amount of attention.

Neto Trade (Minimum Deposit: $500)

Neto Trade wants potential investors to know that 24/7 customer service is available, something that is invaluable to new and experienced forex traders. This is a secure site that has a long track record of success. Neto Trade offers three terrific platforms – the Neto Trade web platform, meta trader 4, and the Neto Trade mobile platform. This broker also offers an entire section of its site dedicated to teaching new users the ins and outs of forex.

Nadex (Minimum Deposit: None)

Based out of Chicago, Nadex is a sort of forex specialist, if you will. What makes Nadex stand out from other forex brokers on the market is its restricted offerings. Nadex is simply a retail trader of limited risk products. This is a top-choice for citizens of the United States because Nadex is based in America and is a regulated U.S. exchange. Unique contracts give U.S. residents a ton of options to play the markets in their home country, Europe, and Asia. Plus, no minimum deposit makes Nadex an intriguing option for new forex investors.